Creative, results-oriented, innovative thinker offering over 16 years of experience in digital advertising. Highly creative, positive, big-idea generator who leads the creative process, from strategic inception, to UX and iteration design, to final deliverables. Committed to relevancy of business strategy throughout creative process. Responsible for providing creative direction and feedback, while ensuring that objectives and brand initiatives are met.
AWARDS: PM360 Pharma Choice Gold Medal, LAP-BAND iPad App

PM360 Pharma Choice Gold Medal, Professional Website:

WebAward, Best of Industry: Pharmaceuticals,


Rx Club Award,

Internet Retailer Best of the Web 2006 for Bringing ‘Tommy style’ online

PUBLICATIONS: Psychic Girl Web Design appeared in Glamor Magazine, half page spread.

Exhibit design thesis appeared in: Metropolis Magazine, New York Times, NY Daily News

Winner of DesignTex Fabric Competition, Loop De' Loop
My fabric was chosen out of hundres in a publishing competition. It became one of DesignTex best selling collections. Appeared in Interior Design Magazine, full spread

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What's behind me is ahead of me.

I'm a curious person at heart. Understanding what drives behavior, how to lead users through an experience while balancing client needs to create useful, memorable products, are my thing. Good design, in the end, is about creating better experiences.

The foundation of my understanding of experience design came from my graduate studies in exhibit design. Creating a story that leads an audience through an exhibit is essentially the same process as user experience design.

My first true dive-in role that taught me the most valuable tools of my profession was at This was the second incarnation of the famed fashion site, and we were a small shop of three designers and three back-end programmers. What was specifically important was the way the department was set up - it was an all-in-one shop. We collaborated to form the UX, design, and the front-end code. We were expected to understand the existing architecture, identify problematic sticking points for users, create the solutions, design for those new thoughts and transitions, and code them so they work.

To this day, I would say that understanding code, how it works, and what the implications are to design, are the most important tool I have under my belt. It’s indispensable that I’m technically literate. “Cross-role collaboration is crucial to product conception, incubation, and development.”